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Carol Wolman Seeks 1st District Seat in Congress

(October 8, 2010)

Carol Wolman is challenging Mike Thompson for the California 1st district seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. While the Watch mainly reports on the doings of Representative Thompson, it seems appropriate to give my readers some information about Doctor Wolman and other candidates for the seat. Here she answers some questions I posed:

How do you differ from the incumbent on the military budget and the war in Afghanistan?

I'm for a pullout from Afghanistan within 6 months, as Barbara Lee proposed. Mike Thompson voted against her amendment. In general, I'm for reducing the military budget as far as possible, consistent with "providing for the common defense", and transferring the savings to needs at home.

What issue have you found has been of greatest interest to voters, and what is your stand on that issue?

Here on the coast, the most important issue is the environment, and maintaining the quality of life we treasure. So- NO to offshore oil drilling. NO- to unbridled development. NO- to expansion of the naval testing range. NO- to big boxes.

If you could, how would you shift the distribution of the federal tax burden?

I would restore the progressive income tax structure, restore the tax on estates, tax stock and bond transactions, increase corporate taxes, and especially those of high paid corporate executives.

What is your position on healthcare, and how does that differ from the incumbent's?

I'm for single payer health care—the only kind that makes any sense. Mike Thompson is against it "because we don't have the votes." In fact, much of his campaign money comes from the health care industry, so he's protecting his funders. As a leader in the Democratic party, he's in a position to swing some votes for single payer, but instead hides behind "we don't have the votes."

If you could change one vote in the House during the past two years by the incumbent, and have that change the outcome of the vote, what would that be, and why?

Mike Thompson voted against Barbara Lee's amendment to the Pentagon funding bill. Her amendment mandated a pullout from Afghanistan within 6 months, and the support of over 150 Democrats. The Afghan occupation is senseless, based on the false assumption that 9-11 was planned and coordinated from caves in the Afghani mountains, and it could happen again. Without going into "conspiracy theories," the amount of planning and coordination required was way beyond what could be done by a leader in hiding. In
any case, the current aggression of the US against the Afghani (and Pakistani) people is only creating more and more enemies for the US, and draining our treasury. BTW, Loren Hanks is running as the Republican candidate. Mr. Hanks is in Air Force intelligence, coordinating drone attacks in Afghanistan if I read his press release correctly. Take note, everyone.

More data: Carol Wolman for Congress 2010

Note: I have personally endorsed endorsed Carol Wolman for Congress. However, Mike Thompson Watch is about bringing accountability to the office. If anyone beats Mike, I'll watch them too. — William P. Meyers

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