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MoveOn.org Criticizes Mike Thompson
on Health Care

(July 12, 2009)

California Congressman Mike Thompson has been resolutely opposed to Universal Health Care, also known as single-payer health care. He did vote for the Bush Tax Cuts for the Rich, and for spending astonishing amounts of money committing aggression against Iraq and Afghanistan. But returning money to tax payers in the form of something they really need, like health care, does not interest him. Mike is a member of the Democratic Party, and of it Blue Dog caucus.

MoveOn is a supposedly non-partisan organization that has been highly supportive of Democratic Party politicians from its inception. Yet they are Also, they are only calling for a public health insurance option, not single-payer. That might be a compromise by them.

Their press, reproduced in full below, does not call for replacing Mike Thompson with someone more in tune with the citizens of his district. It just wants him to change its position. Still, it is interesting. Thompson has never come close to losing an election, since he is backed by wine, timber, and real-estate interests not just locally, but nationally. So don't expect much.

Dear MoveOn member,

This morning news broke that the "Blue Dog" caucus-a group of conservative Democrats-is trying to water down the strong health care plan that the House of Representatives released a few weeks ago.

Their main target? The public health insurance option-the heart of real health care reform, supported by 83% of Americans.

Your representative, Mike Thompson, is a member of the Blue Dog caucus-and needs to hear from you right away. Can you call Rep. Thompson today and tell him to stand with you and the overwhelming majority of Americans and support a robust public health insurance option?

The public health insurance option is key to helping lower the cost of health care and ensure all Americans have access to coverage. In order to do that, a public plan must be a strong as possible, one that is:

a.. Part of a broader plan to cover all of us: A strong public health insurance option must be a key piece of a reform plan that will guarantee access to quality health care for everyone in America.
b.. A national plan with real bargaining clout: In order to truly control costs and compete with private health insurance plans, a strong public health insurance option must be available nationwide with a broad network of providers.
c.. Ready on day one: Every day we wait on real reform, health care costs continue to rise. A strong public health insurance option right out of the gate is key to building a competitive program that will help control costs.
d.. A truly public plan: To ensure it's held to the highest standards of accountability, a public health insurance option must be truly publicly run-accountable and transparent to Congress and to voters.

We have a once-in-a-generation chance to pass real health care reform this year-and it all comes down to the next few weeks. Can you call Rep. Thompson today and urge him to stand up for a strong public health insurance option?

Here's where to call:

Representative Mike Thompson
Phone: 202-225-3311

Then click here to let us know how it went:


Thanks for all you do.

-Nita, Kat, Ilya, Peter, and the rest of the team


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