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Mike Thompson Visits Point Arena

(July 6, 2008)

Jan usually attends the weekly peace vigil in Gualala, where citizens decided to be part of the Point Arena Fourth of July parade in a "puppies for peace" group along with the local Humane Society. Our puppy, Hugo, was invited, so Jan and I went down to join in the Point Arena parade, held Sunday the 6th. At the assembly point a man was carrying a couple of Vote Mike Thompson signs. He told me the Congressman was there to be in the parade. Eventually I found Mike and asked if I could take his picture. He assented and his aide offered to take my picture along with Mike. So here are pictures of Jan and Hugo, Mike, me with Mike, and a couple of other shots from before the parade. I regret I don't have a shot of the entire Puppies for Peace contingent; it's great to see so many dogs willing to do their part for a peaceful world. Peace Pins are from PeacefulJewelry

Hugo and Jan Edwards before Point Arena parade

Jan Edwards with Hugo, getting ready for Puppies for Peace

Mike Thompson at Point Arena Fourth of July

Mike Thompson relaxes in Point Arena, California, holding its Fourth of July Parade on the 6th.

Point Arena California Lighthouse Float

Point Arena lighthouse float

Dancer at Point Arena Fourth of July Parade

One of many dancers in Point Arena Parade

Congressman Mike Thompson with William P. Meyers

Mike Thompson with William P. Meyers of Mike Thompson Watch

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Mike Thompson is the current elected member of the United States House of Representatives for California's 1st Congressional District.