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Carol Wolman, Mitch Clogg May Challenge Thompson

(October 8, 2007)

Town of Mendocino psychiatrist Carol Wolman and retired county government worker Mitch Clogg are each thinking of running for the 1st California Congressional district seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Doctor Wolman will be enrolling in the Green Party primary, hoping to go face to face with incumbent Mike Thompson in November 2008. Mitch Clogg will run as a Democrat, so he needs to win the primary in June 2008 in order to represent the Democrats in November.

I talked briefly to each of the candidates about their campaigns. Both are unhappy with Mike Thompson on a number of issues, but the primary issue is the War in Iraq. Both candidates want the U.S. to withdraw from Iraq as soon as possible.

Carol Wolman is known to activists in Mendocino County for her efforts on behalf of pro-peace organizations. Mitch Clogg is better known for his role in Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mendocino County, but he also has a long record of supporting progressive causes. He has had a distinguished career of public service.

Neither candidate has an established campaign organization or is likely to raise a tiny fraction of Mike Thompson's typically $2 million campaign war chest. Both are looking for volunteers to help with their campaigns.

At this time neither of these potential candidates has a campaign web site. When they are available Mike Thompson Watch will provide links.

Perennial candidate Pamela Elizondo is also expected to file either in the Green Party or Peace and Freedom Party primaries. All these candidates are from Mendocino County.

-- William P. Meyers

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