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2008 Elections

Mendocino County, California and Presidential races

Tuesday June 3, 2008 Statewide Primary

Cynthia McKinney Visits Fort Bragg [May 10, 2008]

House of Representatives - First Congressional District (see map)

Democratic Party: I recommend you vote for anti-war candidate Mitch Clogg, but you'll probably get the incumbent, Mike Thompson.
Republican Party: Zane Starkewolf seems like a more reasonable guy than Douglas Pharr, but I'm just judging based on their campaign web sites, so follow the links and judge for yourself. Beware that Zane's site takes some time to download.
Green Party: Carol Wolman. And you should vote for her in November too.

State Assembly

Democratic Party: Life-long political hack Wes Chesbro is the only choice on the ballot. No Website listed.
Republican Party: Jim Pell is the only citizen on the ballot. No Website listed.

Mendocino County Board of Supervisors

District 1

Mike Delbar (incumbent)
Carre Brown
Jimmy Rickel
Dolly Brown
Ukiah Sativa Morrison

Anybody but Delbar. Dolly Brown looks like a reasonable choice to me.

District 2

John McCowen
Jim Mulheren
Estelle Palley Clifton
Ross Mayfield Jr

Estelle Clifton's school board experience and progressive stances sets her apart as the candidate of choice.

District 4

Kendall Smith (incumbent)
Paula Deeter

I can't support either Distict 4 candidate.

Propositions - California

No on Proposition 98, Eminent Domain, etc.
No on Proposition 99, Eminent Domain, etc.

Eminent Domain is a necessity. If it is badly used by public officials, get rid of them and elect new ones. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the eminent domain laws as they now stand.

Propositions - Mendocino County

No on Measure B. There are some problems with marijuana growing being semi-legal in Mendocino but illegal on a national basis. But the way to solve the problems on the local level is by having the Board of Supervisors address the specific problems, rather than sending us back to marijuana Prohibition. On a national level we need to end this Prohibition that makes selling drugs profitable, encourages organized crime, and corrupts our political system.

February 5 Presidential Primary Election

Greens Ignored to Death in California Presidential Primary

Results of February 5, 2008 California primary


California Propositions:

NO on 91 Tranportation Funds, Initiative Consitutional Amendment

NO on 92 Community Colleges. Funding. Governance. Fees.

NO on 93 Legislators' Terms in Office, Initiative Constitutional Amendments

YES on 94, 95, 96, 97 Indian Gaming Compact propositions

Presidential Candidates:

Cynthia McKinney (Green Party). Ms. McKinney's outstanding service in the George legislature and the U.S. Congress put her far above any other candidate.

If you are in one of the two major war-crimes parties:

Hillary Clinton for Democratic Party presidential nominee. You know what you are getting.

John McCain for Republican Party nominee. After all, he managed to get shot down by the North Vietnamese while participating in war crimes with a high-technology fighter-bomber in 1967. And that was after almost being killed by friendly fire. Maybe the entire military-industrial complex will crash under his leadership.