Bill Meyers for Congress!

1st Congressional District of California, November 2004 election

Green Party Primary, March 2004


Small Business

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Basic Position: I advocate giving Americans a Fair Deal in our economy. Big businesses, including international, foreign-based corporations, have been given unfair advantages by our government. I would like to set government policies to grow the small-business sector of the economy, improve wages, and add real value to people's lives.

My background: Working as a paralegal and computer person at lawfirms I saw business problems when they had escalated into lawsuits. I've learned how hard it is to start a successful business. I now earn my keep with a one-person business indexing technology books and doing research.

Overview: For too long small business people have looked to Wall Street for political guidance. They have herded you like sheep to a sheering, or even a slaughter. It's time to re-evaluate who your friends are. Working with your community and your employees you can prosper, if you haven't already been wiped out by a big box store or other form of unfair competition.

I think that all members of the community should be strictly accountable; I don't advocate any exception for small businesses. Given that, I think the policy of Congress can do a lot to create a more favorable climate for small businesses:

Please also see my positions on the economy and trade.