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1st Congressional District of California, November 2004 election

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Gay Marriage

Gay marriage is a novel idea for most of us. As a strong believer in the principle of separating church and state, I do not want to trample on the rights of any religion to determine which couples, or what kind of couples, they will unite in marriage.

Since some churches allow for the marriage of same-sex couples, I think the government must recognise those marriages. Further, to allow some gay couples to marry because they subscribe to a particular religious denomination, and not others, would violate basic principles of fairness and equality. Therefore the government must allow civil marriages for those who want them.

Unfortunately many Americans, indeed people around the world, do not recognise or appreciate the diversity of religions and philosophies in this world. They seek to impose their own beliefs on others. They seek to mingle church and state so that they can use the force of the state to destroy those whose beliefs differ from their own.

The United States of America was founded on the twin principles of separation of church and state, and on the principle of freedom of religion. You cannot have one without the other.

The current drive to enact a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage is fundamentally un-American. The coalition of churches that agree on this one thing - condemnation of homosexuality - are churches that have warred with one another in the not too distant past.

Americans should reflect clearly on this: do you want a church, or a coalition of churches, using the government to boss you around? I doubt you do.