Bill Meyers for Congress!

1st Congressional District of California, November 2004 election

Green Party Primary, March 2004



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Basic Position: Corporations, their management, and stockholders should be held fully accountable for their actions. Corporations should be prohibited from spending money on politics. Corporations should receive no tax breaks or welfare.

Overview: Under our laws, written by corrupt Congresses and State Legislatures, corporations are treated very differently than private individuals or private business people. At the same time most of America's wealth is owned by a small percentage of the population. This wealthy elite is able to use corporations and their special privileges to continue to dominate the economy and government. Some behave responsibly, but the unsatiable greed of this class of people is leading all of us to disaster.

If a business, whether a single business person or a giant corporation, cannot pay its workers a living wage, is there any reason we should allow it to exist? No.

If a corporation has to destroy people's health or poison the environment in order to make a profit, is there any reason we should allow it to exist? No.

In order to get to the point where there are only good corporations (ones that follow the law, help customers, pay living wages to employees, and protect the environment) we will need fundamental changes in our laws.

I have been active in the movement to fundamentally change corporations. Corporate law and its relationship to our democracy is a large and complex field. To read a variety of people's ideas about this topic, visit the following links:

Redwood Coast Alliance for Democracy
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